Campus Pride on the Road: Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Annual Conference

Join over 400 of your colleagues in LGBT health this September in Portland, OR, for GLMA’s 33rd Annual Conference, the largest scientific gathering devoted to LGBT health.  Register NOW!

GLMA’s Annual Conference is the premier, interdisciplinary LGBT health conference and the world’s largest scientific gathering devoted to LGBT health issues and concerns.

GLMA’s Annual Conference educates practitioners and students—from across the health professions—about the unique health needs of LGBT individuals and families. The conference is a forum for discussion and exploration of how best to address these needs as well as the needs of LGBT health professionals and health profession students. GLMA’s Annual Conference also reports on research into the health needs of LGBT people.

General topics presented at GLMA’s Annual Conference include:

  • Behavioral/mental health
  • Bisexual health
  • Cancer
  • Clinical health updates
  • Disorders of sex development (intersex)
  • Emerging LGBT health issues
  • Families and relationships
  • Gay/MSM health
  • Health across the lifespan (e.g., youth, aging)
  • Health disparities and cultural competence
  • Health policy issues
  • Health profession education
  • HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases
  • Lesbian/WSW health
  • LGBT racial and ethnic minorities
  • Marriage equality
  • Original, scientific research
  • Primary care issues
  • Public health
  • Reproductive/sexual health (including STI prevention and treatment)
  • Substance abuse treatment/prevention
  • Transgender health
  • Workplace equality

Conference Goal & Educational Objectives
The mission of GLMA’s Annual Conference is to educate healthcare providers and health profession students about the unique health needs of LGBT patients and the unique challenges faced by LGBT healthcare providers and health profession students. GLMA’s CME/CE programming also aims to encourage and report on research into the health needs of LGBT people.

At the conclusion of the conference, participants will be able to:
• Identify resources and avenues for healthcare access for the LGBT population;
• Describe recent research and advances in healthcare delivery specific to the LGBT patient population;
• Incorporate strategies for advocating for LGBT healthcare into their practice.

Professional Competencies Addressed at the Annual Conference:
1. Healthcare Knowledge: Healthcare knowledge is an understanding of the epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, management, and prevention of disease.
2. Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Interpersonal and communication skills are important to effective information exchange with patients, patient family members, members of the health care team, and the health care system.
3. Patient Care: Patient care is the ability to provide health care that is compassionate, appropriate, safe, and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health across the life span.
4. Professionalism: Professionalism is a commitment to personal development, individual accountability, ethical practice, sensitivity to a diverse patient population, and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements in health care.
5. Practice-based Learning and Improvement: Practice-based learning and improvement is ongoing dedication to assess, evaluate, and improve patient care practices.
6. System-based Practice: System-based practice encompasses the societal, organizational, political and economic environments in which health care is delivered.

To learn read more about last year’s Annual Conference, please click here (past conference programs are available for download).