Know Your Status: AIDS United – HIV/STI testing in partnership with Prairie View A&M University

Campus Pride hosts HIV testing at Prairie View A&M University in partnership with AIDS United to bring further awareness of HIV/AIDS, health and wellness and education.

Knowing is half the battle, get tested now…
The sooner you’re diagnosed, the quicker you can access treatment, so you can lead a full and healthy life. Find out why and how to get an HIV test. Getting tested for HIV means that, if you do have HIV, you can start your treatment before the infection damages your body and health. This is known as an early diagnosis.

Why you should get tested for HIV early…
It’s important to get tested for HIV early because, although you might look and feel healthy, the infection will be damaging your health. Left undiagnosed, you will also be at risk of passing HIV on to others.

HIV is passed on through bodily fluids through, for example, sexual intercourse or through sharing needles.