Campus Pride Career Connect is your ONE-STOP career engagement portal creating meaningful, authentic relationships between LGBTQ young adults and employers.



  • Search for mentor to help with your career journey

  • Get career prep, job skills & resources

  • Find jobs and internships


  • Recruit a diverse talent pool

  • Direct volunteer engagement to build relationships with LGBTQ youth

  • Connect early-on in college to build career readiness and job skills



Campus Pride Career Connect goes beyond the traditional job board and career fair to offer employers the opportunity to mentor and develop the LGBTQ talent of tomorrow. The online career engagement portal connects LGBTQ young adults to the workplace. LGBTQ young adults can search and find LGBTQ-inclusive employers for building professional mentorship and direct 1:1 opportunities to support job prep skills and career readiness. 

SCHEDULE DEMO: If you wish to schedule a demo, please find a 30 minute time block on our Campus Pride Calendar at your earliest convenience.

Download CPCC Information Sheet