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Windmeyer and Sims team up to offer "Cross-Training" program to build allies in college athletics, fraternity and sorority life, and student governments

Cross-train your student leaders to build allies across boundaries on campus

Campus Pride cross-trainingis excited to announce a new program for building allies in non-traditional areas of college campuses such as athletics, fraternity and sorority life, and student government. Shane Windmeyer and Brian Sims are teaming up to offer an innovative program called “Cross-Training” that transforms current student leaders into LGBT advocates on campus. Windmeyer brings his experience as an “out” fraternity man to the program, having authored the best-selling books Out on Fraternity Row, Brotherhood: Gay Life in College Fraternities, and Secret Sisters: Stories of Being Lesbian and Bisexual in a College Sorority. Sims offers the unique perspective of being both the first openly gay NCAA football captain and the first openly gay Pennsylvania state legislator in history.

It only takes one individual to stand up and begin transforming your campus culture. Taking the power of a recognized leader on campus and then training these students to be effective advocates against bias, bullying, and harassment on campus can have an immediate impact on overall safety and a greater sense of community. Sims and Windmeyer created Cross-Training from over two decades of experience in an effort to internationally target these specific audiences and challenge boundaries that have traditionally limited building effective allies on campus.

Windmeyer and Sims are currently accepting speaking dates. For more information, please email or call 704-277-6710 ext 0.