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TOMORROW: ‘Other, Please Specify,’ a webinar on the lives of transgender people on campus

Other, Please Specify: The Lives of Transgender People on Campus


WHEN: Wednesday, March 16 :: 3 p.m. EST

WHO: Genny Beemyn, Ph.D., Director, the Stonewall Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Susan (Sue) Rankin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Education Policy Studies, College Student Affairs and Senior Research Associate, Center for the Study of Higher Education at The Pennsylvania State University

COST: $95 per site

Campus Pride is proud to feature this special webinar from scholars Genny Beemyn and Sue Rankin and their forthcoming book The Lives of Transgender People (Columbia University Press). Based on interviews with 400 self-identified transgender people from throughout the United States, this webinar compares the experiences of individuals from different transgender groups and offers a series of “touchstones,” or significant life moments, in the gender identity development processes of the participants who identify as MTFs, FTMs, female-presenting crossdressers, and genderqueer individuals. Participants will learn how the experiences of younger transgender people today differ from the experiences of previous transgender generations and how transgender youth are changing the definition of what it means to be transgender. This webinar is a “must” for any college wanting to understand and learn more about their transgender students, faculty and staff and how to create a safer, more welcoming campus for everyone.