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This week’s webinar: To protect and to serve — How To Create A Safe Space Program For Your Campus Police

Learn how to create a safe space program for your campus police department and how opportunities for using public safety as a unique outreach to campus LGBT communities.

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Webinar Details: Thursday, April 12, 3p.m. EST/Noon PST (50-75 minutes)
A “Safe Space” or “Safe Zone” programs have been proven to improve the quality school environment for LGBT students. According to the “2010 State of Higher Education for LGBT People” report, 70% of first-year LGBT students consider leaving their college or university because they do not feel safe. The same study said that a safe space program demonstrates institutional commitment and is one of the “best practices” for combating the harassment of LGBT students and staff. Safe space programs also provide a format for educating teachers, administrators, and staff about LGBT issues and bring about a greater awareness of the presence of LGBT students and staff on campus. This webinar will present how to set-up a safe space program on a college or university campus. Participants will be exposed to a model program based on the Safe Space Program designed by GLSEN and the Safe Zone Program designed by the National Youth Advocacy Coalition. The presenter will explain the essential elements of a safe space program necessary to make a positive impact on campus including required training and signage. A safe space program can be implemented by a wide variety of campus organizations including campus police. The presenter will discuss the community policing opportunities available with a safe space program for campus police or public safety as an effective way of reaching out and connecting with the LGBT community on campus.

Participants will:

  • Discuss the impact of a safe space program.
  • Identify a safe space program’s essential components.
  • Examine a model program currently in use on a college campus.
  • Discuss the role campus police or public safety departments can have in a safe space program.

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