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D. Alexander

D. Alexander is an emerging young breakout artist who has been attracting a lot of attention and cover shots in the LGBT media. Half Cuban and half El Salvadoran he describes his self-penned music as “mainstream pop with an electro twist. My music stems from the deepest and most personal melodies of my untamed mind,” explains Alexander. “I infuse pop and dance music with infectious drum lines and sexually driven lyrics that people can relate to once they let down their guards.”

In the beginning of his career, producers tried to force D. into being a mainstream, cookie-cutter pop artist.  Fearing that his music would lose it’s identity and essence, he fought back, telling the producers that,  “…you can keep your money, cars,  etc. – just give me a mic and some glitter.”

Alexander explains, “Today’s youth are the first to realize that music doesn’t have to be black and white.   I sing songs that might be more appropriate for female singers, but my ability to show a different side of masculinity is what sets me apart from many other male artists.”

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