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Insights and Stories

Understand what it is like for LGBTQ fraternity and sorority members to come out or to be closeted to their brothers and sisters. Read these first-person accounts along with valuable historical perspectives and understanding of LGBTQ issues in fraternity and sorority life. Share your personal stories and experiences with others.

Gender Inclusive Bathroom Signage

A necessary evil which pushes our privacy boundaries into the open: Public restrooms. Public restrooms can prove challenging to many individuals who are differently gendered from the falsely dichotomous “Male” or “Female” stick figure depictions on bathroom signage. Thankfully, many colleges and universities are introducing all gender restrooms to their campuses. When considering such changes, it is […]

An Introduction to Bisexual* and Non-Monosexual Identities and Resource Guide

bisexual flag you are valid

Bi* Identities Resources and Introduction by Isabel Williams, College of Charleston Introduction: The purpose of this page is to provide an introduction to understanding bisexual, pansexual, and fluid identities and to list resources that could be of use to people in those communities as well as family, friends, and partners. For those who identify as […]

Introduction to Asexual Identities & Resource Guide

asexual cake

ACE: Asexual Identities and Resource Guide  by Isabel Williams, College of Charleston Introduction:  The Asexual, or “Ace”, community may be statistically small but has a growing presence through online fellowship. In an effort to combat erasure and discrimination from without and within the LGBTQIA community, asexual people or “aces” have a rich culture of symbology and […]

Exposing the harm of “ex-gay ministries” and “conversion therapy”


The three main points you should know and a resource guide for further study  by Isabel Williams, College of Charleston  “Ex-gay minsitries”,”reparative therapy”, “conversion therapy”, or “sexual reorientation therapy” describes practices of individuals or groups that claim to offer “treatment” for LGBTQ identities and attempt to literally change them to hetero-normative and cis-gender identities. Once, […]

Tips for creating an LGBTQ and Ally student group on your campus


Ready to start an LGBTQ and Ally student organization on campus? Start with these tips by Isabel Williams, College of Charleston LGBTQ and Ally student groups can serve a very important function on campus and in the lives of students. The philosophy and purpose of such a group can take many forms, but most serve as […]

Unconditional Love


by “Marie Baker” Source: Shane L. Windmeyer & Pamela W. Freeman‘s Secret Sisters: Stories of Being Lesbian & Bisexual in a College Sorority I have known several things about myself for almost as long as I can remember. I had always known I was different from the other little girls. I couldn’t pin down exactly […]

Trust to Be True


By Mudhillun K. MuQaribu University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Chi was a smaller fraternity on the campus at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The fraternity did not haze and it seemed like a place where people could be themselves. I did not know much about fraternity life or myself for […]

Tragic Eyes


by David M. Katzin Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Nick was one of the brothers who I knew was hiding in a closet. He was not alone. Each fraternity brother glistened like brilliantly sad stars, especially Nick. He could not have been taller than 5 foot 4 inches and had very typical Greco-Italian features. Beautiful, though […]

Then There was Ben


by “Patricio” Exclusive Editor’s Note: True story, names and places have changed. College! An eye opening experience! When I went to college, my first semester was everything that I expected it to be. That semester I joined a fraternity. I was a legacy so they had to bid me; this was the only reason […]

The Secret Gay History of an American Fraternity


By Matt Conner, Republished with Permission “I’ve heard it said that if you can remember the 1960s, you didn’t really experience them.” I don’t remember the 1960s, but that’s only because they were half over by the time I was born, and completely done by the time I entered kindergarten. But my 1960s, my period […]

The Lambda: All Things Gay & Fraternal


by Amy E. Moore The gay community often uses the Greek symbol Lambda because it means “change.” Delta Lambda Phi, a national fraternity with open acceptance of gay and bisexual men, Lambda Delta Lambda a lesbian-oriented sorority, and the organization Lambda 10 are actively seeking changes in the acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, […]

The Food Chain


By E. Plemons Source: Shane L. Windmeyer & Pamela W. Freeman’s Secret Sisters: Stories of Being Lesbian & Bisexual in a College Sorority Looking back on the whole experience now, it seems surreal. None of my friends believe me, and I certainly can’t blame them. “You were in a what? You?” “Are you kidding? You’re […]

Secret Tau


By “Paul Maierle” Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan “I hope you’ll be happy here,” said my mother, tears streaming down her face. My father, calm and collected as always, wiped the sweat off his brow and sighed ready for the 600-mile return trip back to the Upper Peninsula. Pondering I wondered if my father knew. […]

Rushing Toward Manhood


by Rob Rosen Emory University, Georgia Emory University, nestled deep in the heart of the Southland, was difficult enough without having to worry about getting laid. Anyway, it was a moot point. I was not any more ready for gay sex in college than I was in high school. That’s not to say that I […]

Rushing Out


By Leanna L. Heritage Source: Shane L. Windmeyer & Pamela W. Freeman’s Secret Sisters: Stories of Being Lesbian & Bisexual in a College Sorority The desire to belong has always motivated me to be involved in everything around me. I hated high school, but not because I was open about my sexuality. No one disliked […]

Gay History of Men’s Fraternities


by Shane L. Windmeyer & George Miller “Fraternities”—a term for social organizations of male students at a college or university, usually designated by Greek letters—have been a part of higher education in the United States for more than 200 years. While there have always been gay and bisexual men in fraternities, it is only in […]

Emergence of LGBT Issues


By Douglas N. Case and Shane L. Windmeyer Less then 24 hours ago these guys were fighting over me with Delta Tau Delta. Now they pretended not to know my name. Could this be because the brothers thought I was gay? Afraid of the answer, I didn’t ask any questions. I did not want to […]

A Glimpse at the Invisible Membership: A National Survey of Lesbigay Greeks


by Douglas N. Case Download PDF of “An Exploratory Study of the Experiences of GLBT Fraternity & Sorority Members Revisited” Over the course of the past few years, there has been substantial public attention to the issue of lesbians, bisexuals, and gay men (which for simplicity I refer to as “lesbigays”) serving in the military. […]