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Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs)

A Historically Black College & University (HBCU) alum once said: “the greatest taboo is still alive and well in the black community on our campuses.” This alum was referring to being both black and LGBT at an HBCU. Still today, the process of coming out at an HBCU can be a daunting process for LGBTQ youth. HBCU college administrators have largely not made any commitment to LGBTQ concerns, including the harassment that impedes student academic success and campus safety. Research suggests that LGBTQ youth of color face higher rates of harassment and discrimination in relation to the intersections of sexual, gender and racial identities. Explore these resources to gain a better understanding of the challenges faced on HBCU campuses and strategies to create further LGBTQ progress.

A Student Leader Look Inside: Queer Coalition Building with Communities of Color


Shrinking budgets have made coalition building (or co-sponsorships) even more important than ever before. Multicultural student groups tend to be among the most underfunded. Financial concerns are among the most logical reasons for building coalitions (or allies) across, in this case, racial identities. Coalition building provides opportunities to present examples of unity and celebrate intersectionality. […]

Podcast: “LGBTQ Students Of Color – Honoring Black History Month And The Contributions Of LGBTQ African Americans”


“LGBTQ Students Of Color – Honoring Black History Month And The Contributions Of LGBTQ African Americans” (January 26, 2013) Guest JeShawna Wholley, a recent graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga., and senior outreach fellow at the National Black Justice Coalition in Washington, D.C., will highlight the important issues facing LGBTQ students of color at […]

The State of LGBTQ Issues at Historically Black Colleges & Universities


LGBTQ students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities face many different challenges than those at other colleges and universities. This resource highlights efforts involving HBCUs and concerns regarding the LGBTQ climate. Current Climate The current climate for LGBTQ students at HBCUs is not ideal. Progress is shown through the presence of 7 HBCUs on the […]

Historical Overview: LGBTQ Issues on HBCUs


With news stories on living on the Down Low, the alarming rise in HIV/AIDS among African-Americans and the taboo of being LGBTQ and Black, you’d think there was no good news for the Black LGBTQ community. That’s just not the case. A new wave is hitting the African-American community – a generation of out and […]

Equation for a Hate Crime: How Hazing and Homophobia Could Have Played a Role in FAMU’s Robert Champion Jr. Death


Recently, advocates from around the country gathered in Baltimore for the annual Creating Change conference, hosted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. At the 24th national conference on LGBTQ equality, the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) and the National Education Association’s Office of Minority Community Outreach partnered to present a timely townhall meeting […]