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Event Planning and Fundraising

Planning successful events and effective fundraising are crucial to the success of any student organization. There are a variety of methods to get people invested in your organization. Consider these thoughts and resources to help you and your campus organization.

How to Plan your Lavender or Rainbow Graduation

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Graduation is a Time of Tradition, Ceremony and Celebration by Isabel Williams, College of Charleston It can be an especially important time for communities to acknowledge a transitional moment in the lives of student leaders within their ranks. Campus Pride is passionate about the idea that institutions of higher learning (IHE’s) have the potential to […]

The 2013 Wolfe Video and Campus Pride LGBT Youth Movie Guide


The LGBT Youth Movie Guide: 2013 Edition Courtesy of Wolfe Video and Campus Pride Seeing ourselves represented on the silver screen can be one of the most affirming, empowering and revolutionary experiences we have as lesbian, gay, bi and transgender (LGBT) people coming of age. Below is our select list of LGBT Youth DVDs. Gay: […]

Lavender Graduation: A Time for Celebration

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by Ronnie Sanlo, Ph. D. It was like magic. Who would have thought that such an event would take place here as an official UCLA commencement? Such a simple concept: to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students for the gifts they brought to campus and for the achievements they had as a result […]

10 Steps to Planning LGBT Events


1.  The Big Idea Every event starts with an idea, concept, or brainstorm.  Get your group together to discuss ways it wants to reach out to the campus community, educate, and/or entertain.  Many minds together are more creative than one mind, so together actively brainstorm ideas for events and activities.  Once you have your idea […]

Guess Who’s the Straight Ally?


Educational Panel program Is your gaydar working? Does such a thing even exist?  Many campuses already plan educational panels to educate on LGBT issues.  But now, there is a panel with a new interactive game show format and a queer twist — “Guess the Straight Ally or the Straight Person?”  The primary objectives behind these […]

Power of an Ally Action Guide


The power of an ally can never be underestimated – giving voice to those silenced, standing up for others in the face of adversity and reaching out to raise new consciousness. Campus Pride is proud to offer our action planning guide to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ally student leaders with outreach efforts and […]

Planning for the month of GAYpril


April, or GAYpril, as it is referred to in some circles, is a great time of the year for LGBT related programming. By early in the spring semester most student organizations have a strong, core-group of folks involved who will help in the planning and execution of a fabulous LGBT and Ally  Awareness Week. With […]

Quick Tips & Fundamentals for Campus Fundraising


Money, Money, Money. So, your student group wants to have a lecture series and invite several national speakers to campus?  Or, perhaps it is a concert, a dance party, t-shirts for all group members, fundraising for a local charity, a film festival or a conference that the group wants to do.  How will you ever come […]

15 Queer Ideas for Increasing Attendance at Campus Events


It’s time to Recruit. At the beginning of the year, you may be just getting things going again, or getting started from scratch. Attracting new members and creating visibility on campus are very important. Get creative with advertising. Explore policies on posting flyers, chalking sidewalks, and adding your event information to your college’s online calendar. […]