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Proposition 8 – Fight Back And Use It

So, like every other person in our alphabet soup of a community this past week, I’m a touch infuriated.

The California Supreme Court has not struck down Prop 8. It stays, and we’re showing our anger through protests and screaming and interviews on the nightly news. This is all well and good – but I have to wonder if maybe we should simply back off of gay marriage as a cause for a while.

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I’m not saying that gay marriage is not a worthwhile issue. It really is, and I understand the reason that it’s such a huge deal within our community. However, I think we have to back off of gay marriage – just for a little while. It feels like it’s become such a huge focus in our community that we aren’t worrying about some of the other issues we face. For example, the transgender aspect of our community gets pushed so far back with this huge focus on marriage. What about hate crimes legislation? What about securing health care rights for transgender people? When will the focus on those issues come?

This isn’t to say that we should ignore marriage and Prop 8. Far from it; we should use Prop 8 to propel our community forward. Use this moment of anger to give our community a new energy. Don’t focus on California; focus on the fact that a state in the heartland, Iowa, has legalized gay marriage. Focus on the fact that there is an all-inclusive hate crimes bill going through the rigamarole of the US Congress right now. Focus on protecting our community before we worry about marriage.