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PRIDE WEEK: Spelman College Challenges New Attire Policy at Morehouse College

A House Divided Cannot Stand

LGBTQ PRIDE WEEK — November 2-6, 2009
“Intersectionality of oppression as it pertains to Black queer and transgender people”

Campus Pride applauds the LGBT and ally students and the campus leadership of Spelman College.
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Spelman College, a historically Black college for women based in Atlanta, Georgia is often known as the sister campus of Morehouse College. In reaction to the Morehouse College New Appropriate Attire Policy and the inherent homophobia underlying the policy, Spelman College has dedicated their first annual LGBT Pride Week to the issue. The theme of the entire week is “A House Divided Cannot Stand”.

During the week of Nov 2-6, the college through Afrekete – the LGBTQ and allies organization housed at Spelman College in the Women’s Research and Resource Center hopes to “raise awareness on campus, debunk a lot of the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding LGBTQIQ individual, and challenge fellow Spelmanites and Morehouse brothers to stand with us in the fight for equality.” One of the featured events that bring the week to a close is The Appropriate Dress Attire WERK Fashion Show sponsored by Afrekete and Safe Space.

Campus Pride supports Spelman College in its educational efforts to keep the dialogue alive.


11/2/09 – Monday

Featuring the documentary “U-PEOPLE”. This documentary, taking place in New York, is a depiction of the diversity, community and struggle that you will find in the lesbian community. There will be popcorn served and discussion held after the movie.

11/4/09 – Wednesday
PANEL DISCUSSION – “A House Divided – Erasing the Line Between “Us”

This panel features Tracee McDaniel, former diversity co-chair of our Atlanta Steering Committee, will address the intersectionality of oppression as it pertains to Black queer and transgender people, and more specifically to the students of the Atlanta University Center.

11/06/09 – Friday
FASHION – VARIETY SHOW – ” The Appropriate Dress Attire”

Ending the week with a fun-filled show, with a political agenda. This show will question the emphasis put on dress, how such an emphasis as managed to manifest into policing gender expression within the Atlanta University Center. There will be fashion, poetry, song and fun. This is a celebration of community and expression (construction aside).