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Official Statement: Campus Pride responds to Texas Christian University decision to not go forward with LGBT Living/Learning Community

Picture 6.pngLast week, it was announced that Texas Christian University would create a DiverCity Q Living Learning Community for LGBT issues within the campus housing options. Eight students had already committed to the housing program. The “Living Learning Community” concept has been a successful model at many other colleges and universities across the country. The program supports diverse student populations as well as provides a meaningful way to learn within a living learning community atmosphere. Such communities have been developed around religious issues, ethnic/racial minorities, academic disciplines, athletics, international students, foreign languages, etc.

After the decision was announced last week, TCU received praise and controversy surrounding the decision to extend the current living learning communities to also have DiverCity Q. Today TCU Chancellor released this statement:

“TCU will not launch any new living learning communities at this time,” TCU Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr., said in a statement. “Instead we will assess whether the concept of housing residential students based on themes supports the academic mission of the institution as well as our objective to provide a total university experience.”

In reaction to this news and change in decision, Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windmeyer released this official statement, as follows:

“Last week, Campus Pride commended the positive efforts of the students and administrators at Texas Christian University with their decision to create the DiverCity Q living learning community. It was a simple way to ensure support of out LGBT students and their allies on the TCU campus. It also visibly demonstrated the true diversity of Christian people who are LGBT and the fact that you can be LGBT and Christian. In fact, there have always been LGBT student leaders at TCU and many who have boldly helped the TCU campus community be able to embrace a true understanding of the Christian principles of love and acceptance.

The Chancellor’s statement haulting the formation of all living learning communities is unfortunate. The way the decision is now being handled sends the absolute wrong message. Just because anti-LGBT television personalities like Sean Hannity and other religious activists criticized TCU, this should not dissuade a campus from supporting any group of its students — especially when the request for a LGBT living learning community came from students who attend college there. Living learning communities are a common practice at many colleges and universities and, as shown, have had success at the TCU campus for other issues/communities.

Campus Pride denounces the TCU decision by Chancellor Boschini. Every student regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression should feel welcome, safe and supported by their campus. The Chancellor’s decision, a week later, essentially tells TCU LGBT students and their allies that they do not matter.”