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More Highlights: Letters to Rutgers University President McCormick calling for enforcement of Student Code of Conduct for Invasion of Privacy of Clementi

Dear President McCormick,

I was a Reader’s Digest editor for 20 years, and a commissioner of education in Los Angeles Unified School District (1996-99), as well as being a long-timePicture 26.png published author.

Rutgers will never (your words) “rise to the highest tier” among American universities unless it does the right thing about Tyler Clementi’s suicide.

Your school must act decisively in this case. You must expel both Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei for invasion of privacy of fellow student Tyler Clementi. Their actions were a clear violation of campus code.

If Rutgers does not enforce its own rules, you are sending a message that student lawlessness can rule your campus, whether it relates to LGBT students or other matters. This lethal incident will become a black mark on your school’s reputation, and a red alert to parents, who will be well-advised to send their children to schools, where their rights, safety and privacy will be protected by rules that are actually enforced.

Sincerely yours,
Patricia Nell Warren


Email we sent to the President at Rutgers:

My husband and I are both alumni of Rutgers University (Law School and Social Work School.) And we have many gay and lesbian family members.

We understand that the Rutgers University Code of Student Conduct prohibits “making or attempting to make an audio or video recording of any person(s) on University premises in bathrooms, showers, bedrooms, or other premises where there is an expectation of privacy with respect to nudity and/or sexual activity, without the knowledge and consent of all participants subject to such recordings.”

And we also understand that these two students who exposed Tyler Clementi have not been expelled as a consequence of their actions. What message are we as adults, faculty, administrators and alumni sending to LGBT students? That there is NO consequence for the humiliating, cruel, unconscionable and abusive invasion of privacy perpetrated by Dhuran Ravi and Molly Wei.

There must be severe consequences and a no tolerance policy for these horrific acts or we are enabling them to continue. We need to protect our children.