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Jessica Pettitt

Today’s blog is about a person who I think is absolutely wonderful. Her name is Jessica Pettitt. I first met her this past summer at Campus Pride’s Summer Leadership Camp. She was actually the first camp related person that I met. I was excited to meet a fellow Californian. Ironically the next time I saw her was at Creating Change in Denver. We have yet to see each other in the state that we both live in. Anyway, getting back on topic. Let me tell you a little about why Jessica is so amazing.

On May 3rd, Jessica did something great for Campus Pride. Specifically for the Summer Leadership Camp. She participated in a half marathon called The Avenue of the Giants, which she completed in 4 hours and 2 minutes. She did this as a fundraiser for the camp. She set up a facebook group as well as contacted people through other methods and was able to raise a lot of money for camp. I know that that money will be used very well at camp. I had such an large_jess.JPGamazing experience there. It changed my life. I highly recommend you to attend it if you can. My fellow bloggers David and John were also at camp, and I know they enjoyed it as well. That’s why we are all still involved with Campus Pride. I learned so much at camp, it was amazing. I also made great connections and friends. There is so much that happens at camp, I am not really sure how to narrow it down here, but there was entertainment every night, tons of guest speakers and even a trip to Washington DC to see some wonderful leaders of the movement.

A huge thank you to Jess for bringing in not only money but also awareness about Campus Pride and the Summer Leadership Camp. She even wore the lovely bright orange Happy Camper t-shirt!