Campus Pride Blog

I Take Two Steps Forward, I Take Two Steps Back

So… I have an update on the religious issues with my campus. After our meeting this week, some members noticed a Christian group sitting near us discussing gays in the bible, and their leader followed our President to our office and asked her when and where we meet. According to some of our members, they are planning on sitting in on our meeting and praying over us.


So, I have a couple ideas for how to deal with this situation. My first was to let them, then I would get together a bunch of my gay guy friends and our President would get together her bi and lesbian buddies, and we’d go to their meeting and just make out. That idea got shot down. So I guess I’m going with my plan two: I just so happen to have a good relationship with the staff of our campus newspaper, and I’m inviting them to our next meeting. If they don’t show up, hey at least they’re covering our organization… but if they do, that’s a hell of a lead in to our Hate Crime Awareness Week where we deal with issues of bias and hate on campus. Also, it’ll be a great way to get the campus involved in taking action against organizations who at this point seem like they’re stalking us, and making our members not only comfortable attending meetings, but being on campus at all.

I’ll let you guys know how things shape up as they go… right now it looks like things are going to get more interesting before they go boring again.