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Campus Pride on the Road; Kye Allums speaks at Eastern CT State University

About this event:

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Kye AllumsKye made history as the first “out” transgender person to play NCAA Division I athletics. In May 2012, he shared his story of playing on the George Washington University women’s basketball team with Sports Illustrated and became a media sensation.

Kye’s experiences led him to create the Transition Tour to educate faculty, students, and student-athletes about transgender identities and issues, including his own story, in order to create a safer and more positive environment for everyone. He explains, “The Transition Tour was established to spread Transgender awareness around the world. It is vital for individuals to understand that transgender people are just like everyone else. We are all humans and everyone deserves the right to a health and happy life.”

When: On Wednesday, March 5 2014

Where: Student Center Theatre; Eastern Connecticut State University

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