Going Home for the Holidays: Give a gift of love to start new dialogues around faith and being LGBTQ with your family


Campus Pride & Faith in America share this Holiday letter to create dialogue this Christmas around faith and being LGBTQ with your family Download Letter The Holidays are coming, finals are almost over and you’re about to head home for winter break. There can be some anxiety around going home for the holidays if you’re going […]

2014-15 Campus Pride Lil’ Purple Backpack Student Leader Resource Guide Now Available – Order Free for Your Campus


2014-15 Campus Pride Lil’ Purple Backpack Student LeaderResource Guide Now Available Looking for the answers to all of your LGBT college organizing and leadership questions in one place? The Campus Pride 3rd Annual Lil’ Purple Backpack Student Resource Guide is just what you need. This Campus Pride Resource Guide is a 64+ page, full-color, pocket-sized resource guide […]

Campus Pride joins Faith in America and the global effort calling on Pope Francis to end harm to LGBT Youth caused by the Catholic Church and its teachings

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Campus Pride joins a global effort to ask Pope Francis to stand against and end religiously-driven remarks made against LGBT youth On Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014, a letter was published addressed to Pope Francis calling on the Church’s current harmful attitudes and labeling of LGBT youth. Together, Faith in America, an organization educating on […]

Having Campus Pride on a Christian Campus


A Blog on Campus Pride in Faith by Eliel Cruz, Intercollegiate Adventist Gay-Straight Alliance Coalition. I attend Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan; the flagship academic institution of the Seventh-day Adventist church. My freshmen year at Andrews University I remember telling my mother that my “sexual orientation and Adventist administration” would never be in the […]

On God’s Campus project highlights LGBTQ experiences at religiously affiliated colleges & universities

on gods campus

On God’s Campus: Voices from the Queer Underground is a new project created by Paul Southwick to give voice to LGBTQ students and former students on conservative Christian campuses in the United States. Paul himself is a gay alumnus of George Fox University, a Christian institution in Oregon, as well as a friend of Campus […]

Speakers Bureau Highlight: Justin Utley

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Campus Pride is excited to announce its new Speakers Bureau with a series of blog features highlighting the diverse speakers and entertainers available through the bureau. When these entertainers and speakers are booked through Campus Pride, a portion of the booking fees go back to the organization to benefit LGBT and ally college students across […]

University of Notre Dame makes strides in supporting LGBT students; Catholic University of America denies recognition of LGBT student organization


Catholic universities display contradictory policies toward recognizing LGBT students as full campus community members Last week, the University of Notre Dame announced plans to expand their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students on campus, including recognizing an official LGBT student organization on campus for the first time, a request that first dates […]

Lutheran-affiliated Augustana College welcomes same-gender weddings on campus


Augustana College, a Lutheran college in Rock Island, Illinois, made the news this week after President Steve Bahls announced that same-gender weddings and ceremonies are now allowed on campus. The announcement came after recommendations from campus chaplains and conversations with the local bishop, who advised that the decision was up to President Bahls. The full […]

Court rules: UC Hastings Law and anti-gay discrimination

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in a case pitting UC Hastings School of Law against a Christian student group. The school had denied recognition to the Christian Legal Society, which then challenged its anti-bias policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of religion or sexual orientation. The Christian Legal Society requires its voting […]

Campus Pride Quoted in Washington Post Article on Pro-Gay Efforts at Catholic Colleges

Washington Post, Friday, December 11, 2009 Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windmeyer As quoted: For decades, public and private universities have grappled with how to support gay students and protect them from verbal or physical attacks. Religious schools also have the challenge of upholding church teachings, such as the Catholic stance that it is not […]

The Importance of Safe and Accepting Communities

(Note: I’m blogging today instead of tomorrow because tomorrow I’ll be in DC to lobby against the Stupak amendment. Want to get involved? Check out ChoiceUSA to see what’s happening in YOUR communities!) After we lost Question 1 here in Maine I was pretty upset. But, more than being upset, I was kind of at […]

Official Statement: Campus Pride responds to Texas Christian University decision to not go forward with LGBT Living/Learning Community

Last week, it was announced that Texas Christian University would create a DiverCity Q Living Learning Community for LGBT issues within the campus housing options. Eight students had already committed to the housing program. The “Living Learning Community” concept has been a successful model at many other colleges and universities across the country. The program […]

Full Circle

So we had our meeting Wednesday, and two members of a Christian student organization showed up. It was wonderful. They were very respectful, non-judgmental, and they invited us to a picnic along with another LGBT org, and we hear that they may be inviting other student organizations in general, so luckily this time nothing negative […]

Texas Christian University Becomes First in Texas to offer LGBT Theme Housing

Congratulations to student leaders at Texas Christian University (TCU). TCU will provide theme housing for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues and is the first Texas college to do so. Campus Pride encourages colleges and universities to consider LGBT theme housing/communities as a way to support LGBT and ally students and ensure a safe living […]

All’s Fair in Love and Religion

So, update on my campus religious organization issue. Quick recap: My campus’s Christian organizations have recently been mobilizing- confronting non-Christian individuals on campus and challenging their beliefs, closing their doors to questioning students (only allowing in affirmed Christian students), and most concerning to my position questioning LGBT students on campus and trying to “save” us. […]

I Take Two Steps Forward, I Take Two Steps Back

So… I have an update on the religious issues with my campus. After our meeting this week, some members noticed a Christian group sitting near us discussing gays in the bible, and their leader followed our President to our office and asked her when and where we meet. According to some of our members, they […]

Westboro Baptist Church Met by Counter-Protesters at the White House

The Westboro Baptist Church, for those of you who don’t know, is an extremist group famous for things such as the “God Hates Fags” slogan, protesting soldier funerals, and apparently now making death chants at President Barack Obama. At this point it’s hard to take these guys seriously for me really, because the only attention […]

A Day in the Life…

So tonight is my last taste of sweet, sweet freedom… the Spring Quarter starts tomorrow. This entire week I’ve basically gotten to spend punishing my tailbone by sitting on my butt for extended periods of time, either in bed with a book, in my computer chair vegetating over old episodes of Buffy, Xena, and the […]