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Beauty Pageant Drama

So, I’ve been under a rock and didn’t know much about the whole Miss USA debacle until recently. Color me surprised when I found out it involved Perez Hilton, the diva blogger that has made a name for himself out of drawing obscenities on pictures of celebrities in MS Paint, asking a serious question.

If you’re like me and live under rocks, here’s a lowdown of what happened at the Miss USA pageant. Miss California, or Carrie Prejean, went up to the podium during the Questions round of the pageant and drew Perez Hilton as her questioner. A video of what happened after the jump.

There’s been a huge uproar about this all across various media – TV news, YouTube, and Twitter are all abuzz about whether or not Miss California was treated unfairly as a result of her answer (she ended the competition as first runner-up). Frankly? I don’t think that we should immediately leap on Miss California because of her remarks.

Yeah, she said something that was a little stupid – especially in the current climate. As I’m sure Amy, my fellow Campus Q Team member, can attest to, marriage is a very touchy subject what with the whole Prop 8 debacle this past year. However, as much as I may dislike her opinion, I don’t think that she shouldn’t have the right to express it. I’m of the mind that when we face people who are on that side of the marriage debate, it’s just another sign that we have more work to do. What we should be doing instead of yelling at Miss California and calling her a bigot is taking the opportunity to educate more people. Encourage a Stop the Hate training for your campus. Hold a roundtable discussion on same-sex marriage and invite people from various religious faiths to speak. Use these occasions of ignorance to spread more education instead of wallowing in your anger at the problem.

Hopefully this was a good first post for you all – this blog’s so exciting, can’t wait to hear from everyone!